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Boardwalk North strives to achieve superior customer satisfaction as the most trusted and reliable provider of residential design/build services.

We coordinate our experienced and certified team of industry professionals to design, develop and facilitate our customers’ ideas, needs and aspirations.
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BOARDWALK NORTH, established in 1988, by its Founder Ed Stewart CGR, is an Addition and Remodeling company specializing in the Design/Build process, kitchen design, planning and renovation, second floor additions, and all aspects of home remodeling. Our goal is to provide a total Design/Build/Remodeling service resulting in a finished product exceeding our customer’s expectations.

We pride ourselves on delivering complete “one-stop” shopping Design/Build Services, and have become an award-wining custom residential home remodeling company serving Customers in Southern New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA), north of Boston.  We are diligent in delivering on time and on budget projects and have been labeled the “best kept secret in the Addition and Remodeling Industry”.

With expert award-winning conceptual designers on staff, we give you a unique, individual consultation and design experience. Need to design a kitchen? Our experienced and friendly kitchen design team has exceptional kitchen design ideas, and can generate remarkable kitchen cabinet designs that are sure to leave you breathless.

The Boardwalk North interview process helps us gain insight into what you want to achieve and what functional goals you have for your remodeling project. Our expert space planners will work with you, through detailed planning and custom conceptual drawings and floor plans, to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

At Boardwalk North, we maintain the highest standards of quality of the building materials we use in your home, as well as the aesthetic finish of the building. Our quality standards extend beyond just the building materials, as we are keen to ensure that customer satisfaction and service is a critical part of the total quality experience. Boardwalk North enjoys an excellent reputation as a total Design/Build/Remodeling Company offering a complete package of services to include home additions, kitchen design, sunroom additions, financing and in-house Master Carpenter employees. This unique “one-stop” shopping experience truly simplifies the entire process and makes adding-on or remodeling carefree.

Boardwalk North is fully licensed and insured

Understanding the Design/Build Process

The thought of designing and remodeling your house can be exciting, but may also distract you from considering the preparation necessary for a successful renovation project. Understanding the process is important, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming and it may also be fun.

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Boardwalk North has developed a 10-step Design/Build/Remodeling process that is not only integral to the project but through its simplification it creates the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience too.

Starting with a telephone interview and then follow-up meetings, we want to make sure that we clarify and detail all of the specifics before the start of construction. It is our goal to provide you with transparency outlining the entire project and create a memorable experience.

  • An initial telephone interview determines the customer’s needs and preliminary parameters.
  • A match between the prospect and the company is determined, along with a rough budget.
  • An on-site consultation is next, which includes a walk-through and an in-depth review of all the project requirements.
  • The goals of the project are then assessed for both feasibility and budget purposes.
  • All parties come to a general agreement on the proposed design and approximate cost of the project, and then enter into the design phase of the process.
  • All of the design objectives are documented and a Design Fee agreement is memorialized. A flat fixed design fee is assessed and collected.
  • At a second meeting, the high definition conceptual drawings are presented for review along with a complete proposal package, exact pricing, Purchase Agreement, and related paperwork.
  • At a third meeting any necessary design changes and related price point adjustments are made; electrical/wiring/heating schematics are also finalized.
  • The last meeting is the pre-construction meeting, at which all plan changes and construction drawings are reviewed for accuracy. Any last minute changes and/or related cost adjustments are factored into the final payment schedule. The company fills out and completes the Project Specification Book with you, to provide clarity for all parties before work begins.
  • The Project Specification Book as well as the final set of work drawings remain on site at all times for quick referencing. 

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