Backyard Remodel Completed With Pavers

Posted on July 30, 2013 under Backyard Remodel

It’s time to take your backyard remodel seriously! We gathered ways to transform space with concrete pavers.Here are few tips that will get your backyard ready for the end of the Summer into the Fall.

…Make a courtyard, your backyard.

Take fragmented stone slabs in a circular pattern and allow grass in between. Make a focal point and center of attention with a thought provoking art piece, elegant fountain or beautiful waterfall.

Our designers love to use water features and advance water technologies to add the final touch to any patio, deck or backyard. Check out this Mediterranean Landscape piece from our friends in San Luis:

Backyard Remodel
San Luis Obispo Landscape Architects & Designers Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

…Break up the monotonous look.

If your home is linear then introduce it with round shapes, this helps break up the monotonous look.

…Get whimsical.

With these Tuffits pillow concrete stepping stones, you can go vintage or whimsical! This look is charming and a great way to accent something fun right in your backyard!

Backyard Remodel

…Go for the unexpected.

Instead of rows of brick pavers, lay them in circular motions. This is both functional and decorative. Or…….how about pick your favorite musical instrument?

backyard remodel

…Save cash.

Get a high end look with a low end budget. The difference between 2 inches and 8 inches may be 8 full pavers, saving you hundreds of dollars. Think about the layout before you install. If your pavers are going in a high-traffic area, place them in a way that’s comfortable to walk on. It’s important that people don’t have to watch their feet too much as they move from paver to paver!

…No need for a green thumb!

If you’re worried about upkeep involved with watering grass between pavers, filling the space between with an accent stone is a great option. Invest in an electric leaf blower, things falling out of trees can easily junk up the gravel!

…Brunches & Lunches.

Bring your lunches to the garden by placing pavers over a section of the grass. This allows the chairs and table legs from sinking into the group and helps define the space.

When you are designing with concrete, you can also leave sections open for plantings, trees or other garden features, creating a custom look that suits your space perfectly.

Backyard Remodel
Mediterranean Landscape by San Luis Obispo Landscape Architects & Designers Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

…Styles & Colors

When shopping for pavers, keep in mind that the colors of concrete pavers may change over time. Pavers dyed just at the surface will wear, while those with color all the way through will last longer.

Ask about the finish of the pavers before purchasing. If you go with a brick paver, it has a smooth surface, but can be slippery in wet and shady areas. Consider the textures. Need an expert opinion? Why wait- click

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